Costcars is North West Londons prompt polite and proffesional car buyer. We cover a 50 mile radius from Harrow to collect your vehicle free of charge.


Costcars will attend your vehicle and provide a trade quotation and offer immediate payment and collection with completion of DVLA paperwork according to trading standards regulations


All vehicles are considered regardless of age or running condition with or without MOT or body damage.


We specialise in classic and 4x4's and also consider commercials.


Call 0800 888 6569 to speak with a friendly agent

or email sales@costcars.co.uk


Trade You Car Now



With Costcars it has never been simpler, faster or more secure to get the best possible price for your scrap or damaged vehicle. Our specialist staff can quickly offer you the best price for your individual vehicle, meaning there has never been a better, faster and safer way to sell your scrap, broken or unwanted car.


Collection and payment can be arranged for the very same day, so why wait? Call one of our professional, friendly team now on 0800 888 6569 and book your Scrap Car Recovery.


Scrapping your car shouldn’t be a hassle. It’s bad enough that you’ve got an old or damaged car causing you problems or costing you money. Scrapping it shouldn’t add to your woes.


At Scrap Car Recovery we make it nice, simple and fast!


You contact us.

We’ll give you a quote for your scrap car (yes, we’ll pay you for your scrap car.)

We’ll arrange a collection time to suit you - and stick to it!

And that’s it.


You don’t need to hire a trailer or drag your car to a scrapyard.


You don’t need to worry about your V5 documents as we’ll take care of that.


You won’t need to be concerned that an uninsured scrap merchant will turn up to your home as we’re a reputable company governed by the Scrap Dealers Act 2013.


And you don’t even need worry about moving it from where it is either. As our expert team have moved 1000s of scrap cars, they’ll take care of it all for you!


- See more at: http://www.scrapcarrecovery.co.uk/#sthash.56CjVCen.dpuf

Email us: sales@costcars.co.uk

Call us: 0800 888 6569

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